Damn Politics: Cognitive Dissonance in a Holographic Universe

How could one want to lose weight AND want to eat only junk food at the same time?

How could one want to be productive AND want to do nothing at the same time?

How could one want to help people AND want to turn them away at the same time?

How could one want to promote peace AND want to wage war at the same time?

Well, if you're like me, it's very easy to do. However, what kind of results would one with such conflicting thoughts and intentions get? The universe gets confused by being requested to do two opposing things. As the ONE, that's how we ALL end up on the turbulent balance of the scales. This political division down the middle may have started in 'Murica, but it is a deadly epidemic that has spread throughout the world and one to which we are all waking up, albeit painfully. Personally, I'm done with politics, government, religion, and pretty much ANY authority or institution that claims to represent me and to know what is best for my life, because I have yet to find ANYONE, but me, who has either ability.

In the US, for quite awhile now, liberal snowflakes have had to put up with an entirely ridiculously overcompensating-for-a-dick budget of the military industrial complex, starting wars over oil, money, religion, nationalities, and bigotry and federal agencies unfairly persecuting, incarcerating, shunning, and killing non-WASPs for the same reasons. Conservative Heat-Misers haven't had it easy either. Because of the fear of losing their stuff, lives, and livelihoods, they don't want anyone else to have the things for which they've worked so hard. That's a fair fear! This is what is important to them, but for years, they've given up some of their stuff to the elderly, poor, sick, children, homeless, artists, immigrants, animals, plants, land, and people that are not family. There's only so much to go around. I'm not sure if this constitutes as irony, but the funny thing is no one in true power that “represents” either side really cares about their "constituents."

Now, here we are in 2017 (if you actually believe that time matters). Palpatine and the Republic want to take away the only reasons why the left will flap with the right wing. To clarify, Right and Right are homographs. It doesn't mean the Right is Right and the Left is Wrong. If you still believe that archaic superstition, you're dead LEFT! All in all, from the beginning to end, WE are the same bird. As the soul of said bird, I say, “Hey, Wings! Get your shit together, so I can fly!” But, if YOU don't mind Sam, the American Eagle, being grounded, killed, fried, and consumed with blue cheese, ranch, and hot sauce, let's kill funding for people to live and save funding for people to die. There are too many consumers on this planet. We all die anyway. We all will die together and sooner, as the fear of death grows. Now, that's gotta be irony!

Here are the 5 types of ecological relationships: 1) Competition, 2) Predation, 3) Parasitism, 4) Commensalism, and, 5) Mutualism. Do your own research to find out what they mean and ask yourself which one is most beneficial to balance individual, familial, political, societal, and spiritual ecosystems in our modern, perpetually smaller world. We COULD put aside differences, helping when we can, but who are we kidding? Let's make a decision one way or the other so the universe can finally be at peace, even if that means destroying the planet and everything on it. I'm cool with that. Or we can just get rid of ALL of the warmongering and freeloading government officials. If that's President Bannon's plan, I'm cool with that, too. But that means ALL OF IT! If you don't think your circle can govern itself by now, you may be right and I'm so sorry for you. It and you will evolve in your own time. No shame in that. No worries. I'll be here waiting.

“I want everyone who doesn't look like me, act like me, and think like me out of my universe. Damn, it's lonely. Maybe, I'll try again. I'll do better this time” - GOD

Peyote Brandt