Brandt Austin Dunn

Moonlighting on a Double Life

We all have our different roles we play throughout the days of our lives, tending to separate the personal from the professional. Under this pretense, Brandt is the awkwardly funny friend that's fun at a party & good for a shoulder. The professional guise, Brandt Austin Dunn, plays middle management, responsible for etiquette & paying bills. A 3rd character {there's plenty more} that comes alive within this BAD universe is Peyote Brandt {Peyote Buttons was a wild-eyed, crazy mutt I met from the deserts of New Mexico. We're as much of soulmates as a dog & dude could be}. The name is somewhat arbitrary, but it represents the abstract essence & artistic nature of Brandt. In more concrete terms, Brandt uses Peyote Brandt to promote original, eccentric works, while, ironically, using the name, Brandt Austin Dunn, to cover other people's music.

~ to honor the legend of my mystical canine companion, & for some browsing music, feel free to let your ears taste the musical mayhem on the tunes page. This one's for Pey Pey. He even helped record it in February 2016 ~

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Singer for Hire: Has Guitar, will Time Travel {through the Tunes}

Although adept at drums, lead guitar, & harmonica, Brandt Austin Dunn gets to spotlight his forte of vocal prowess & driving acoustic accompaniment during solo performances. In addition to several of his own compositions {& music trivia}, his live repertoire consists of a day's worth of classic, popular, obscure, & eclectic tunes spanning the last few decades, which comes in handy when he performs for a dinner crowd or a late night drinking one that wants to sing & dance till close. Gigs usually last about 4 hours with minimal break time. Song lists are customized for each event, party, & venue, with a preference for covers that radiate authentic emotions, deep meaning, & higher vibrations...&, of course, fun. Click below for an example of such a night with classic party jams. Make a request at the next gig, which you can find on the dates page. You can also sign up for event updates, book a show, &/or send a message on the contact page.

BAD Music History

Brandt Austin Dunn began his musical education at the age of 9; taught guitar, drums, & jazz theory as an adult; &, now, has a musical life of composing, performing, & recording {still learning/sharing}. During their school band geek days, he & his friends frequently jammed, eventually, becoming a 10 year professional 5-piece project touring the US from Mountain to Mountain {MD & CO, really}. This progressive rock outfit, called, TheRain, later, Aquapadre, gave each member the space to apply his musical education to a practical occupation, experiment with entertaining live improvisation & collaboration, & perform with passion & precision as a result of rigorous rehearsals. This early experience instilled mindful discipline, the ability to learn a variety of songs, & the importance of practice & promotion in the life & motivation of a musician. Other projects throughout the decades, with which Brandt has performed professionally, are the mid-western jam/rock bands, Baked Iguana, Latch, Lewd Panache, & The Menagerie, the Mid-Atlantic alternative rock groups, prana, My Friend's Band, & lamp, & more recently, acoustic Americana acts, Hound & Vapor Hound. Past meets future in the present. Open music...Now...Here...Peyote Brandt...

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