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Midnight Mutt Music

my myriad musical projects

~ Midnight Mutt Music ~

Midnight Mutt/BAD

Composer/Performer of Eclectic Acoustic/Electric Indie Jam Rock

Veteran musician & philosopher, Brandt Austin Dunn {BAD}, is a well-established & well-rounded entertainer with over 30 years of experience. Peyote Brandt {Peyote Buttons was a wild-eyed, crazy mutt I met from the deserts of New Mexico. We're as much of soulmates as a dog & dude could be} represents BAD's abstract & creative essence. Midnight Mutt is the vehicle for this artistic nature. Brandt & his alter ego often perform cover songs & original material, acoustically or with a full band, around the Annapolis/Baltimore/DC area, including the Cape! more Midnight Mutt info...

Enjoy a dedication to Peyote Buttons that Peyote helped compose and record. More tunes HERE


Wide-Eyed Lounge Cats

A Jazz Jam 5 piece out of Fells Point. Along with original songs, they cover decades of innovative music from classic & modern artists. While they all sing leads & harmonies, they each bring a special sound to the band with their instrument style. Tore Dalaker on lead guitar, Christian Ventimiglia on acoustic guitar & keys, Ryan Comstock on sax, Reggie Stiteler on bass, & Brandt on drums. Check out their music & schedule HERE...


Born from a love of music with the desire to shake butt, these classic rock/r&b veterans have flipped the switch to make sure the groove is in the heart & on the dance floor. Not limited to any decade, Mozaic aims to play high energy music with good vibrations. Andy Harden lays down the low end with the bass & great vocals. Cuzzin' Mark Terrence weaves the music together with cool tones & soulful notes of his guitar. Ken Crawn kicks & hits the back beat pocket with precision & passion. Brandt bellows out melodic emotion while filling in the rhythmic gaps with guitar or Octapad. More on Mozaic HERE.


Pet Projects

"Peyote" Brandt Austin Dunn is also involved in some other musical projects. Vapor Hound is the duo of Reggie & the Rev (Brandt), occasionally joined by other musicians. The Righteous Ramblers host themed charity events, including a Thanksgiving Toy Drive in Fells Point, performing The Band's The Last Waltz. More can be found on the Ramblers HERE. Moksha Latte is an acid jazz lounge act with Brandt on drums. And...Dunn with Friends is a network of veteran minstrels & soul mates who get together to jam on some classic tunes at parties, bars, & in basements.