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Shaman Wolf Tales

Thoughts from a 21st Century North American Shaman

~ Shaman Wolf Tales ~

       Welcome to the "Shaman's Corner." There aren't too many words that I would choose to exclusively describe myself, other than the ones related to “I AM.” However, if walking between worlds makes one a shaman, well, I guess I can live with that life-paralleling label. Throughout my existence, I've experienced the unexplained & figured out a way to explain it. Some eras have been seated in more supernatural circumstances, although, all realities are now appearing to integrate into one melting pot of ones & zeros. Sharing it chaos & fun. The origin of the name, Peyote Brandt, can be figured out by research & logic, but, in the meantime, this metaphorical title basically represents that which cannot be named: the “I AM” that I am, & the awakening of the magical essence of the ceremonial cactus & best qualities of the best dog I knew & the best me I know. Whew! This whole Peyote Brandt site is dedicated to the purest & truest desires of this very entity &, much like most of the interwebs, all of its contents & pages can be considered, “Vision Boards,” perpetually manifesting an evolving existence into enlightenment. The purpose of publicly posting these personal dreams, thoughts, & ideas is to 1) have mobile access to remind myself of my prime directives, b) hold myself accountable to my BS, &, iii) connect with the 3 other beings stranded on Earth that understand these musings & that 1 Arcturian from the Aquarius system that's been ringing in my ears...


Smokey poetry & prose risen from the ashes of an inter-dimensional shape-shifting shaman's subconscious mind

Intertwined path indicators of informative ideas, insight, & illusions from the ONE, inspiring travelers along their way

Fireside fables, shamanic storytelling, & the unsolicited, self-proclaimed wisdom by the aptly nicknamed, "B-Rant"